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Information storage and light display




Tan Zhipeng, Male, Associate professor, assistant director of information storage and display function of laboratory, Wuhan National Laboratory for optoelectronics. He has received his B.S. in computer software and theory from Central China Normal University and Ph.D. in computer system structure from Huazhong University Science and Technology. Now his research directions of information storage technology, network storage and file system.

He has strong research ability in the two research fields of computer software and computer system structure, he has researched in a long time and obtained the certain research results, he has a strong software development capability. He has joined the key projects of 973 and 863, and as a project leader, he has finished several projects such as the national defense pre-research projects, Independent innovation fund projects and Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. cooperation projects etc.. All projects has obtained funds more than three million Yuan. At the same time as the main members, He has completed the storage backup and disk array to industrialize, and achieved good economic benefit.
He has published academic research papers more than 30 articles in domestic and foreign academic journals and conferences, in which more than 20 are SCI and EI index.
[1]Zhipeng Tan,Zhou Wei, Zhang Wenhua, Feng Dan. ALDM:Algorithm of Adaptive Loading Data Migration in Distributed File System, IEEE Transactions on Magnetics, 2013,(SCI,A).
[2]Zhipeng Tan,Zhou Wei, Sun Jianliang,Zhan Tian.An Improvement of Static Subtree Partitioning in Metadata Server Cluster, International Journal of Distributed Sensor Networks,Volume 2012, Article ID 835616, 10 pages,(SCI).
[3]Zhipeng Tan,Yuan Yanli,Xie Yulai,Zhan Tian.MO_AOBS: Researches of Method Object in Active Object-based Storage Systems, International Conference on Computer science and Network Technology, 2012,(SCI).
[4]Zhipeng Tan,Zhou Wei, Zhang Wenhua, Feng Dan. ALDM:Algorithm of Adaptive Loading Data Migration in Distributed File System, The Asia-Pacific Magnetic Recording Conference 2012,Singapore, Oct 31- Nov 2, 2012,(EI).
[5]Zhipeng Tan,Dan Feng. Dynamic Replication Strategies for Object Storage Systems. The 2006 IFIP International Conference on Embedded and Ubiquitous Computing, August 1-2, 2006, Seoul, Korea. EUC2006, LNCS 4097,53-61,2006,(SCI、EI).
[6] Zhipeng Tan,Dan Feng,Fei He,Ke Zhou. Studying of Multi-dimensional Based Replica Management in Object Storage System. The 2007 IFIP International Conference on Embedded and Ubiquitous Computing, December 17-20,2007, Taipei. EUC2007,LNCS 4809,341-354,2007, (SCI、EI).
[7] Zhipeng Tan,Dan Feng,Fei He,Xudong Tu. Object Storage Systems Support for Database. 2007 International Conference on Convergence Information Technology,IEEE Computer Society,1801-1806,2007, (EI).
[8] Tan Zhipeng, Dan Feng, Tu xudong and He Fei. DLBS: Duplex Loading Balancing Strategy on Object Storage System. IEEE International Symposium on Parallel and Distributed Processing with Applications(ISPA2009).,(EI),
[9] Zhipeng Tan, Yulai Xie,Quanli Gui,Tian Zhan,Wenhua Zhang,I/O Response Rate Analysis in the Replicate-Based Object Storage System Proceedings 9th International Symposium on Distributed Computing and Applications to Business,Engineering and Science, p.317-321. 10-12,August,2010,

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